Thursday, September 16, 2010

Verse: Garlands

For Garland Jeffreys. He'll never know how much Escape Artist, Ghost Writer and Don't Call Me Buckwheat have captured my soul.

One day
when we meet

if we are destined
to do so

i will take
your hand

and say
to you

take me
to the matador

and if
you nod

and smile
then i will
call you friend.


  1. A wonderful poem and tribute to Garland Jeffreys - thank you! Garland just announced he covered Bob Dylan's Buckets of Rain and he'll also be at Highline Ballroom in NYC this Saturday (September 25) - there's a cool video of him discussing the show and even singing a Frankie Lymon song acapella on YouTube at His music is timeless!