Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Verse: The Walking

(one of my fave poets and tweeps, @mergyeugnau challenged me to write a poem of verbs and nouns only. I think I cheated a bit, but here it is...)

i cross chebucto
nodding to the guard

the sign
says harvard

but i
can't hear it

the sound
from the playground

and the traffic
has drowned it out

i pass
duncan, lawrence

streets named for men
I don't know

and turn on allan
as the cars slow

the eyes
of these houses

do not blink
or acknowledge me

nor do people
who pass

am i
not here

my feet do not
bruise the sidewalk

there is
no snow

to leave
a trail

for you
to follow

just my breath

the beat
of my heart

racing as
i approach monastery

knowing i
will see you

in minutes
in seconds

for me

i apologize
for my haste

in telling
you this

there is
no time to colour

or embellish
this moment

this experience
but I promise

i will fill in
the details later.

1 comment:

  1. I read you poem and got into a fridge my steps were broken and the ice caused a skid I lept into motion and stood straight I found I didnt need to think myself straight. i slept in the darkness I felt all my pain I woke in the morning and started again.