Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Verse: song for someone

(NB: one year ago today, I started this blog. It was meant to be a marketing blog. The poems decided otherwise. They had been content to be posted on Facebook when I started writing them again after a very, very, very long and self-imposed silence. But they wanted their own room. And this became their space. This is not how I intended to write today's poem. Not quite anyway. Life got in the way. So it is an approximation. I could tell a tale like Coleridge did to explain Xanadu, but I think he lied, and I am not to be trusted in matters of the muse.)

this song
does not know you

at least not
your name

so allow me to make
this introduction

if it seems

it is only because
it is nothing without you

it has no voice
of its own

i did not
intend it for you

it could be
for anyone

so share it
and you may find

the object
of its desire

someone willing
to claim it

and now
that this one is done

there will be
an intermission

a brief silence
before the next one

though it has
already begun

and i am writing
your name in it


  1. Not sure why but that feels very intimate although it implies access to all. Devillishly clever. How do we get you out from under your bushell??

  2. Beautiful.

    Just gorgeous... no words to describe how stunning it was. And how it seemed almost like a lament for unknown love.