Saturday, November 6, 2010

Verse: I am telling your story

i am telling
your story
without rain
without a hint
of summer
or any mention
of your name
i am telling
your story
but only
i don’t want
to leave you
to those who
would make
about you
they don’t know
i am telling
your story
and starting
with the crush
of leaves
carpeting sidewalks
it is as good
as any place
to begin
i will
fill more details in
and presently
but if you
sense a hestiancy
it’s only because
i was
i am telling
your story
from the inside
one table
in the corner
where i saw you
for me
with a smile
of familiarity
how long
had it been
years dominoed
in the memory
and we
built new paths
much like
the brain does
after a stroke
but not a healing
something else
i am telling
your story
and i bring
in the snow
and Valentine’s
and one chocolate heart
i could not unwrap
your heart
was not mine
not yet
that day
was so cold
i looked
into the deep blue
curlicues unfurling
on your shirt
and froze
i am telling
your story
with uncertainty
only gradually
giving way
to what
we knew
but would not say
for fear
it would not
be reciprocated
i am telling
your story
and this is
where i put in
the confession
the long walk
the brush of hands
that kiss
when the sun
like a blessing
but more like
the sun
i am telling
your story
i know
and adding
little details
about your eyes
the way
you bend your leg
when you make
how your hair
rests softly
on your shoulders
and tumbles when
you turn to look
at me
and that smile
that restores
i am telling
your story
i know no other
that fascinates me
quite like yours
and yet
when i
am telling
your story
it becomes mine
forgive me
one day
i will get
this right.

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