Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Verse: i miss silence

(inspired by @lucyspet)

i miss silence

and the untold hours

that i spent

in its company

plumbing its secrets

i miss its stark certainty

and its merciless calm

the cadence

of its voice

the way the warmth

of its breath

silenced me

the way it harbored me

like a refugee of the night

and how

it would scatter

at the slightest sound

just like mice

when you turn on

a light

there were times

it was so tangible

i could touch it

but now

amid clamor

and chaos

din and drone

it is hard to find

apart from sleep

which is fleeting

i grieve its passing

as you would

mourn a friend

i miss silence

more than most anything

you can name

i miss silence

and i struggle

to maintain mine.

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