Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Verse: Dream Letter 2.0

dear L
as always
you were right

i write you
in silence
which is grey to me

no object
of desire

i am split
between miscellany
and some wish

and as yet
unknown to me

not sure
why i am here
but for birth

and you
in your absence
i reimagine you

it's not deliberate
or different
than any other day

it's just something
i do to pass
the unoccupied time

when it's this quiet
interminable hours
seem to double up

they say
they don't know you
but they lie

gorgeous and immaculate
i call you

and they still
plead ignorance
of the fact

that you are
everything i think
you are, only more

i know
i am given
to exaggeration

to talking
about you when
i've nothing to say

forgive me
and i
will start again

this time
i'll let you keep
your anonymity

and i
will offer you

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