Monday, March 8, 2010

Verse: Praises

I give thanks
for inspiration

for clean white paper
thirsty for ink

and the pen
that suckles them

for pools of light that
collect in the living room

and the dust that
convenes in the bright corners

for memories that superimpose
themselves on memories

for winter's sudden birth
and summer's prolonged death

for the impermanence
of all things

for the uncertainty
that expreses itself in wonder

for the hush of
parked cars

for letters that
were never sent

for Coltrane, Redding
and Hendrix

for all that the night
can do without

for all that the morning
cannot forsake

for embraces
like sighs

for the silences
we choose not to fill

for the spaces
between us that we do

for not leaving anything out
for you.

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