Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Verse: Reverie #3

Dust off
those stars
and let
them play

hang your kisses
in the trees
and listen
while they bray

cradle the remains
of the day
in your arms
as its breath

throw caution
like a garland
to the abrupt boys
so smitten
with their pride

wring those
caustic notes
and hang them
on the line

that rock and roll
that you trade in
is much too much

fill tenderness
with the patience
of Job and a thousand
bold bouquets

do not acknowledge
that nomadic moon
until it falls under
your sway

parcel out
those garish neons
the city is not
so discrete

that you cannot
see the love that
covets you
on any given street

it's the ragged
jangle of your keys
it's the jagged tenor
of the times

it's soporific
and sensual
a discourse
meted out in dimes

you intoxicate
the wine
with your lips
in full bloom

but if you think
you've come for me
perhaps you are
too soon.

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